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so last night.....

i hung out with jay and isaac last night. it was pretty much awesome. the three of us just kind of clicked i guess. we went to a diner in bristol and then we were bored and in the mood to play music, but we had no where to go, so we just went to wellspring to sit on the tables outside and play because we knew no one would care there. nico and chris were there so we chilled with them for a bit and then they left and we played music and just chilled some more. then we went to NB diner. ha two diners, one night... awesome. no but seriously it was. sooo anyway, that was pretty much it, after that i drove them home and went home myself, but it was nice seeing them. i havent hung out with them for a while, and the last time i saw them we didnt really get a chance to talk or anything, so being able to really talk and stuff was really great.

on another note.....

i did alot of thinking on the way home last night. i kind of realized a lot of things. two years ago when i moved back from boston, i was just a kid. i didnt know anything about who i was, who god was, where i was going, or anything. i was lost. god found me and revealed himself to me. i have learned so much in the past two years. about me, god, relationships, my friends. its like, i spent the last two years learning, and none of the learning i did came from classes. it was all learned in real life, outside of the classroom. in the past two years i haven't really learned anything in the classes i took, but i learned so much just from living with God in my life. he has prepared me for the things ahead. it like, before, i couldnt succeed in school because i was too busy learning life, and now, i know enough that i can slow down, and do life and learn school, and not the other way around. i spend the past two years doing school, just enough to get by, and learning life. now i can do the opposite. god has prepared me for the semester, physically, emotionally, spritually, and mentally. i am looking forward to the semester. i am going to do well. i am going to try my hardest, and let God take care of the rest. abbie said something awesome last week, she said that we can worship god in our schoolwork. wow, what a concept. its so true, we should be worshiping god with all we do. i havent been doing that. its time to start. with the new semester comes a new start, a new me.

so lets go God, lets do this together.
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