josh (todieinyourarms) wrote,

my last post

so in my last post i commented talked about a song that i wrote in september etc... well, turns out that when i posted the song i put it as pritvate, so if you went looking for it and couldn't find it, i appologize, and here it is.

like waves on the open sea, so your love crashes into me
you lift me up on the wings of a dove, into your loving arms above,
this is a love song, to the One in me.
how you carry me when i am weak, how you hear me when my voice won't speak
that's how i know this is love, love, love. that's how i know that You are love.
this is a love song to the One in me.
and when i push you away, by my side you forever stay.
you hold me closer, closer still, you make the emptiness filled.
this is a love song to the One in me.
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