josh (todieinyourarms) wrote,

thanksgiving was bitter sweet. but thankfully more on the sweet side.
i got to see my whole family. it was amazing to see all of them, especially the kids, to see how much they've grown, to see how adorable they are. it was awesome hanging out with my siblings. i spent time with abbie. it was great. but at the same time, thanksgiving left me feeling stressed. i need a break. i need to get out of my house. i need a place to call my own. i need money. i need, i need, i need. i can be so selfish. so concentrated on what is not important. but what is it that i really need?
i need to submit to You, Lord Christ.
Take dominion over my life, my heart.
break through my hardened exterior, and transform my soul.
my heart is your's. my life is under your command.
Be my lover, my friend, but more than all, be my King.
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