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work in progress....

so i wrote this today. its not completed, i may change a few things, but here is the rough draft....

Love’s not a sad song, despite what you’ve been told
Rather, love’s a thing of beauty, a gift to the world
This is a song about love, love, love

So I’ll take the melody
And you sing in harmony
And together we’ll sing a most beautiful thing
Its called love, love, love, love, love.
We’re singin’ ‘bout love, love, love, lo-oo-oove.

Now I’ve got a story, to tell all around
How love lost, became found, it’s a beautiful sound
It’s called love, love, love.

So sing loud and sing it clear, sing it for the world to hear,
Sing it soft and without fear, whisper love into my ear.
This is a song about love, love, love.

Now I’ll sing is sweet, to the rhythm of you heart beat
and together in love, we’ll never face defeat.
This is your song about love, love, love.


so yeah, thats it. it needs a name though... any suggestions?
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